Facebook Advertising Strategy – Ultimate Guide

Facebook is a place where the users are “always-on,” and it’s no surprise that over 70% of users access Facebook on any given day! This means you have every opportunity to target your ideal audience.

The first step to creating an excellent Facebook campaign is setting up your business page when marketing social media. What matters is not how many people like your brand but how engaging they are.

That is why one of the most critical functions for your business page should be custom tabs, specifically apps that can help you gather relevant information about your customers or directly ask them to take some action.

Here are 10 Tips for Creating an Awesome Facebook Page:

1) Welcome everyone who likes your page with open arms

When setting up your social media profiles, this is one of the essential aspects. Be sure to check the “get notifications” box when adding new fans. This way, you can always be in touch with them, and they will never miss a post.

2) Make every fan feel like royalty

The more often your page turns up in their newsfeed, the more often they’ll visit your site. Monitor how many likes each of your posts gets (this data is under Insights), then make changes accordingly.

For example, if Friday is getting less than 200 likes per post, consider posting on Thursday instead, so it’s guaranteed to reach all your fans before the weekend.

3) Post unique content that won't get lost in the mix

If you run a promotion or upload an image, show some creativity and create your posts. When people comment on your content, be sure to respond, even if it’s just a quick “thank you.”

4) Don't forget about mobile users!

Make sure that all of your apps built for Facebook work on mobile devices, too. This is particularly important because 56% of Facebook usage is from smartphones.

5) Comment on other brands' pages when they interact with yours

This will help improve relationships in a non-promotional way and may expose you to a new audience in the process. Try searching for competitors in your industry and start commenting!

You can also search by location and type of business to find pages that aren’t direct competitors but still relate to your industry.

6) Keep a close eye on what works and what doesn't

With Facebook Insights, you can better understand which posts get more likes. Many studies have been done on user behavior in social media networks that you can use as a reference for creating content people will enjoy.

For example, I recently posted about the 20 most liked brands on Facebook and how they’re using their page to attract new customers by analyzing their current reach and engagement metrics.

7) Try publishing updates at different times

When it comes to scheduling updates or uploading images/videos into your app timeline, note that different times of day can produce different results.

You might even consider looking at your competitor’s pages to see when they post the most!

8) Make sure everyone knows you're more than just your products

A brand is more likely to be trusted if they think there’s someone behind it who is more approachable and relatable.

Posting about who works for the company or simply showing off pictures of the employees having fun at work will encourage customers to get more involved with your business, leading to increased sales in return.

9) Don't be afraid to ask questions

Studies show that people who ask questions on social media have significantly higher interaction rates than those who don’t! This is also an excellent method to find out what people think about your brand.

10) Be sure to keep the conversation going

When people comment on your status, be sure to reply with their questions or comments in return. You can also start a new topic related to the original one and see where it takes you! Make sure you’re always listening for opportunities to get involved.

I hope these ideas will help make your Facebook page more successful! Do you have any other tips? If so, please write it down in the comments below! Good luck 🙂

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