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1. Digital Marketing - Strategy, Planning, Content Creation
2. Social Media Marketing - Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, and YouTube Ads
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4. Website Design, Ecommerce Website, Landing Pages
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9. Search Engine Marketing - Google Ads, PPC, Marketing Campaign
10. SEO Optimized Content Writing – Blog post writing, Product description writing, Web content writing, Storytelling writing
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13. Quora Question Answering


When it comes to Facebook ads and Instagram ad campaigns, I am the best person to give it a shot for you. Marketing your business on social media is not an easy task because many things need to be considered when doing this kind of work.

For example, finding what works on Instagram can be difficult because no clear-cut metrics are available.

However, my experience in designing and managing ad campaigns on Facebook for B2C and B2B clients across different industries will make sure your marketing dollars get the biggest possible impact while helping you save money too.

Read my portfolio of profitable paid ads and learn exactly how I helped brands just like yours.

1. Promoted posts on Facebook

I have had opportunities to design promoted content ads for Facebook page post engagement strategies through which people had the chance to interact with your business. With this strategy, you can promote content on your page while enabling people to engage with the post if they are interested in it or not. 

Most importantly, this design allows advertisers to reach targeted audiences while protecting their brand identity by putting an end to general advertising.

2. Facebook lead ads

I have also worked on different lead ads on Facebook and have helped clients get leads for their business while saving time. 

With this form of ad, businesses have the opportunity to generate leads from customers who are interested in their products or services by using a simple lead magnet such as a free report, ebook, white paper, etc. 

Moreover, I have designed split test campaigns through which businesses were able to improve their ROI by leveraging the power of Facebook ads.

3. Instagram ads

Instagram ads may be less known, but they are also very powerful because you can use them for your business to reach potential customers with ease. 

Whether you want to promote product launches, increase brand awareness, or drive traffic to your website, I will easily help you achieve success via Instagram ads.

4. Facebook video ads

I’ve also designed and managed Facebook video ads for clients to help them easily promote their business. By using highly engaging videos, companies have the opportunity to reach out to potential customers more efficiently. 

Businesses can use these types of ads on both desktop laptops and mobile devices since they are easy to consume on different platforms. Their interactive feature allows people to explore other options without making many efforts, which is why more and more businesses are considering this approach for their marketing dollars.

5. Facebook carousel ads

I’ve had the opportunity of designing eye-catching Facebook carousel ads with great images that allowed increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to land pages, and driving conversions for different customers in the US. 

With these ad campaigns, businesses could get more customers while making things easier for them too.

6. Facebook Traffic ads

One of the most cost-effective strategies for driving traffic to your website is Facebook Traffic ads. I have had the privilege of creating different ad types to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive visitors to landing pages quickly. 

Moreover, I have built daily budgets through which businesses could get more sales while getting their message out there.

7. Facebook Custom Audience Ads

Custom audiences are one of the most crucial ad targeting methods available for reaching people who have already interacted with your brand before. 

I have had opportunities to design beautiful images for these ads to help companies get higher click-through rates while increasing conversion rates. Additionally, I helped clients get more customers for their business while saving time.

8. Facebook Lookalike audiences ads

I have designed different types of ads to help companies find new customers with similar attributes to their existing audience without much effort. 

This is one of the best ways to increase while getting more sales simultaneously. Moreover, I have helped companies generate leads for their business while saving their time.

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